Bhavana Gawali pays very special attention to jobs and employment opportunities within her area, and more and more respected had grab opportunities the same. Year after year, her team train young people through apprenticeship schemes, office skills enhancement training contracts and provide work for jobseekers either directly or through temporary schemes. Of all the careers available within the construction, maintenance work and more sectors offer the most opportunities by far

We have over the last decade heard numerous times about India’s “demographic dividend”. India is projected to have a working age (24-59 years) population of 70 crores by 2020. What we need to remember is that with each passing year, we have less time to cash this dividend and could potentially be faced with a demographic liability. We will focus on the nearly no. of workers to be added to India’s workforce each month, and how we can create productive employment for them in the coming decades. This requires us to strategically manage the underlying transition of our rural agrarian workforce into a skilled, productive workforce that can be absorbed into manufacturing and services sectors. I believe this can happen where manufacturing and services sectors are allowed to develop rapidly to create employment through economic development. For India to achieve its potential we need to become a manufacturing powerhouse. I also believe we need to act immediately to enable this large workforce with skills that will generate employment so they can become productive members of our economy.

This commitment, which will underline the real-life relevance of the training and employment initiatives implemented and run by the Bhavana Gawali.